Will a standard blood test show herpes

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will a standard blood test show herpes

A typical routine blood test is the complete blood count, also called CBC, to count your red and white blood cells as well as measure your hemoglobin levels and other blood components. Another common blood test is the basic metabolic panel to check your heart, kidney, and liver function by looking at your blood glucose, calcium, and electrolyte levels. To check for heart disease risk, you may have a lipoprotein panel that measures levels of fats in your blood, like good cholesterol HDLbad cholesterol LDLand triglycerides. A full understanding of your blood test results can help you make good decisions about your diet and lifestyle. Here are 10 things your doctor may not tell you about your results from blood tests like these unless you know to ask.
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  • Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Your Blood Test Results | Everyday Health
  • CDC – Genital Herpes Screening
  • 1. What’s the Good News About My Blood Test Results?
  • HSV-2 typically causes sores around your genitals.

    will a standard blood test show herpes

    While both strains can appear in both places, Dr. Handsfield says oral HSV-2 is rare.

    will a standard blood test show herpes

    Half of all initial genital herpes outbreaks are a result of having oral sex. In addition to the difference between oral and genital presentations of the virus, Dr. Handsfield says,"there is no difference in severity of outbreaks between the two [strains], only frequency of outbreaks.

    Do STD Tests Check For Herpes? Probably Not & Here's Why

    With HSV-2, recurrent herpes outbreaks are much more common. Both strains were found to be more prevalent in women than in men. You need to actually come in contact with a person who has the virus stzndard an intimate level.

    Kissing on the lips is lower risk, while using tongue increases the risk of contracting herpes from an infected person. Handsfield explains that HSV-1 transmission usually requires contact with overt herpes sores, but some cases do occur from contact with people without active outbreaks. Unlike oral HSV-1, people often get HSV-2 from partners who have no visible symptoms of an outbreak at the time of exposure.

    There is little to no risk of "catching" herpes simply by being in the same room as someone who has it, or even from sharing their makeup or drinks.

    Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Your Blood Test Results | Everyday Health

    Handsfield says that recent media reports implicating shared lipstick as a way of transmitting herpes can be ignored. It is also rare for either type of virus to be transmitted through the environment or by any non-intimate contact. In general, he says that only people who know they have been exposed to HSV-2 by a sexual partner should be tested for it.

    Handsfield adds that people who are at special risk of HSV-2, for example those who are married to someone who has the infection, should be tested regularly — once sbow year in most cases. There is much less of a need for HSV-1 testing, because almost half of all adults will have positive results, but there is usually nothing that needs to be done about it.

    CDC – Genital Herpes Screening

    Shod HSV-1 positive individuals will not infect their partners sexually, so there is little need for testing. He says that most experts advise against routine testing in the absence of symptoms, unless of course there is a valid reason you suspect you might have contracted herpes.

    Many doctors are afraid that telling people they have herpes, especially HSV-1, will cause more harm than good.

    Mar 22,  · According to data from the National Center for Health Statistics, 48 percent of the US population has positive blood tests for HSV-1, and twelve percent have HSV . Blood test If you get a “positive” result from the viral culture or PCR tests, it likely means you have herpes.. A “negative” viral culture or PCR result could mean you don’t have. The PCR test looks for pieces of the virus's DNA in a sample taken from cells or fluids from a genital sore or the urinary tract. This is a commonly used test to diagnose genital herpes and is.

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    1. What’s the Good News About My Blood Test Results?

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      Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease STD. For basic information about Genital Herpes, see the Fact Sheet.

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